Top Tips To Escape Your Quarter-Life Crisis

When you're feeling stuck in a quarter-life crisis, it's easy to wish for all these uncomfortable feelings to disappear, so you can just carry on living your life. But, there's a reason you're having these feelings and trying to ignore them or wish them away is only going to create bigger problems in the future.

If you let it, this crisis can be a really powerful and useful experience. It can motivate you to change your life for the better and create a future that feels exciting and fulfilling.

You shouldn't be aiming to escape the crisis as fast as possible, without considering what might be causing these feelings in the first place. However, nobody wants to be stuck with those feelings for any longer than they need to.

It's best to face your feelings, reflect on your situation and make some changes as soon a as you feel ready, so you can begin to transition out of the crisis phase.

Here are my top tips for escaping your quarter-life crisis in a healthy and constructive way:

  • Sit with your thoughts and feelings without judging them

  • Get comfortable with the uncertainty of your future

  • Understand that nobody really feels like they have life 'figured out' at any age

  • Remember that YOU are in charge of yourself and your life

  • Treat yourself, your current situation and your future with curiosity

  • Stay open to new ideas and the possibility of change

  • Discover what's important to you and what your core values are

  • Explore new activities, places, hobbies and people

  • Release the pressure on yourself to be a certain way

  • Challenge the expectations placed on you (by others and yourself)

There's no fast-track route to escaping your quarter-life crisis, but by following the tips above, you'll begin feeling less in crisis and more in control.

You can also learn how to transform your crisis into curiosity.

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