Symptoms Of A Quarter-Life Crisis

Updated: May 17

While the core triggers for a crisis are pretty limited, there are a wide range of factors and individual circumstances that might lead to a crisis. This means that the experiences of someone in a quarter-life crisis can look and feel very different. However, there are some common symptoms.

Some symptoms are quite obvious. If you are experiencing several of these symptoms over a long period of time, it's almost certainly a sign of being in a quarter-life crisis.

Obvious symptoms of a quarter-life crisis:

  • Wondering 'is this all there is to adult life?'

  • Reaching 'success' in life but feeling unhappy or unfulfilled

  • Wanting to break free from the expectations of others

  • Thinking you're the only one who hasn't got life 'figured out'

  • Feeling that your life lacks purpose and meaning

  • The thought of working 40+ years is terrifying to you

  • Having no solid ideas of what you want in the future

Other symptoms might be more subtle and are not exclusive to those in a quarter-life crisis.

Subtle symptoms of a quarter-life crisis:

  • Being indecisive about big decisions

  • Jealousy towards your peers

  • Lack of motivation

  • Anxiety about the future

Did those symptoms sound familiar? If they did, why don't you check out how to transform your crisis into curiosity.

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