Crisis to Curiosity 

6 week individual coaching program

The 'Crisis to Curiosity' program will arm you with self-knowledge, curiosity, confidence and hope, so you'll be able to start exploring life in meaningful ways.

This is the perfect program if you:

  1. Feel stuck in a quarter-life crisis

  2. Are often wondering 'is this all there is to life?'

  3. Believe your life is lacking meaning or purpose

  4. Have no idea what you actually want from the future

  5. Are scared to break away from parental/societal/friends' expectations

  6. Often feel frustrated, confused and conflicted about your situation

What's included in the program:

  • 6 online coaching sessions (1 hour per week)

  • My 'Crisis to Curiosity' workbook

  • Email support 

What's the cost?


Why I Think You Should Join The Program

Upon sign up, you'll receive the 'Crisis to Curiosity' workbook, which has weekly self-reflection exercises for you to complete before each session. That way, you'll have the maximum available time during the sessions to clarify your thoughts out loud, bounce ideas off me and receive support and guidance.

Week 1: Evaluate your current situation

  • Investigate which areas of life are working well/not so well

  • Identify priority areas for change

Week 2: Passions, interests and exploration

  • Reflect on joyful and miserable experiences

  • Consider areas of potential interest

Week 3: Values and living in alignment

  • Explore your core values

  • Prioritise your top 5 values

  • Evaluate whether you're living in alignment

Week 4: Address what's holding you back

  • Identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits

Week 5: Build your life vision

  • Create a list of vision statements

  • Consider possible ideal future scenarios


Week 6: Create an action plan

  • Commit to the first action steps towards living by your values

  • Plan 'big picture' goals

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